Unmedicated Birth at NYU - September 2013, Manhattan, NYC

"My husband and I are forever thankful to Narchi for helping us have a birth experience that we are happy to remember. I had a long and hard labor but with Narchi’s calm presence and amazing support, I gave birth meds free and felt strong and confident.
We interviewed a few doulas before Narchi who were all very nice and experienced, but somehow we did not feel a connection with them. We were beginning to wonder if and how we would know which doula to pick and what we should be looking for. Then we met Narchi, and instantly both my husband and I knew she was our doula. Narchi is calm, yet warm and passionate, experienced but humble, professional but easy to connect with. We felt very comfortable around Narchi and knew she was the right person to have with us during the birth of our baby.
My baby was positioned correctly but his head was not completely straight (according to the sonogram technician from the morning when my contractions started). The doctor did not say anything about that so I figured it is not important. However, when after 5 hours of active labor I barely opened up, Narchi realized something was not right. I then remembered to tell her about the slight displacement of the baby's head. She then put me in many different positions to help the baby on its way out and used a scarf to wriggle my belly to help get the baby into the proper position. It worked, and after a few more hours, I was opening very well. I am so thankful for that! I am sure the doctors would have pushed me to have a C-Section if that issue was not fixed. My contractions were very strong and I was in active labor for 14 hours. Narchi was there non stop, giving me counter pressure that felt amazing (my husband tried to do those as well but it did not work as well as when Narchi was doing it) and she was so calm that having her around, made me calm. Then I was pushing for 2 ½ hours and Narchi was standing by my side and I remember squeezing her hand hard every time contractions came on. Even my husband says his hand hurt from me squeezing it; I cannot imagine how it felt for Narchi. But she stood there all that time, giving me complete support and encouragement. We do not have family close by but after this, we felt like Narchi was our family.
We cannot recommend Narchi enough. Next time we find out I am pregnant, Narchi will get a call before our other families do to make sure we secure her as our doula again." -- Nina and Jaspreet

2nd VBAC, Unmedicated, Manhattan, NYC

"Narci was a constant source of reassurance and calm throughout the prenatal care and births of my second and third sons. Both births were VBACs, and Narci provided me with the medical information and emotional support I needed to prepare for the births. During labor, she knew exactly what to do and was there when I needed her. She knew when to speak, when to comfort me with her touch, when to give me space, and how to guide me through contractions. Her presence enabled my husband to take a break and rest so he could provide me with the best emotional support during labor. 
As a mother herself and having witnessed so many births, she brings extensive knowledge, understanding of medical interventions, and a steady and confident presence that I believe helped me have successful VBAC". -- Caroline

Second Birth - March 2015, MANHATTAN, NYC

I interviewed many doulas before I finally found the one that I felt safe and comfortable with. Narchi is the best doula I could ask for. She is kind, warm and extremely professional and knowledgeable . She is supportive and very attentive- she listens to you but she is also naturally very intuitive. Her breathing technique was instrumental in getting me through the birthing process. Thanks to her knowledge and skills we stayed at home for most of my birth and her presence and support was invaluable in a hectic and not so friendly hospital environment. I felt much calmer and safer knowing she was by my side when my husband was dealing with the never ending hospital paperwork.
Also, her help with breastfeeding during postpartum visits was absolutely invaluable. We had two lactation consultants but it was her advice and experience  that helped me figure out the low milk supply issue I had. 
I cannot praise Narchi high enough- her comforting presence and never ending encouragement made the birth of my son one of the most wonderful experience of my life. Thank you Narchi." -- Ewa

Birthing Center - January 2015, Brooklyn, NYC

"Dear Narchi, thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over! We were so honored to have you be a part of little Dean's birth and your kindness, support, skill and calmness were invaluable to us... I am so grateful you were there and don't know how I could have gotten through such a difficult birth without you. You were amazing!" -- Mikhaela and Masheka

April 2013, Manhattan, Nyc

"Pregnant with my first baby and about 1 year in this country and city, I had no friends who had had baby here yet and no family around. So, in addition to being naturally anxious about delivering a baby, I also felt like I needed some support and guidance to navigate the hospital system on the D-day. I did not want to be induced, I wanted to avoid taking too much medication. I wanted to understand what was going on and I wanted someone to second my husband if need be.
I am really glad I hired Narcisa. She was so sweet and supportive and positive through the whole process, working with my husband and helping him help me but leaving him the primary role as long as he wanted it (and he was there the whole time), massaging my back as he was supporting me, massaging my feet, applying her famous hot rice-sock where I was in pain, and I was glad she was there because everything turned out being exactly the opposite as what I was hoping for. (I was induced and after a great beginning of labor, my blood pressure shot super high because of the pitocin and the baby's heartrate kept decreasing so I ended up having to have a C-section.) She was there to help us with the first latch and she knew when to go and leave us as a family.
Narcisa was even more helpful AFTER the birth. I was not coping so well on my own with the baby, no family around, so she accepted to work with me as a post-partum doula twice a week for several weeks after the birth. She listened to me, cooked for me, held my baby so I could catch a little rest. She never judged, gave me useful tips, made me laugh and let me cry. And she gave our daughter her first bottle of breastmilk :-).
I highly recommend her. She's extraordinarily positive, sensitive and knows her job perfectly. She remains a dear friend for us." -- Floriane

Scheduled Cesarean - February 2013, Manhattan, nyc

"In preparation for the birth of my second child I found Narchi while searching for doulas with VBAC experience, as I was hoping to avoid a repeat c-section. Throughout my pregnancy, Narchi was wonderful and always provided me with balanced, well-researched information. When I was feeling unsupported by my health-care providers in my VBAC decision, Narchi provided the support I needed emotionally and she helped give me the strength to stand up for myself and my choices. She always had time to talk when I needed a shoulder to lean on.
While I ultimately ended up having a repeat c-section for various reasons, Narchi was there by my side through the whole process. I never once felt judged for the decision to finally have the repeat c-section and she was such a lovely strong, calm presence leading up to it. It was an incredibly difficult decision and Narchi was there for me both physically and emotionally. She waited for hours on end with us in the hospital prior to the birth of our second daughter and I was so grateful to have her there for myself and for my husband.
Her postpartum follow up visit was just what I needed as well, as it gave me a chance to take a little break from my newborn and let someone take care of me. Even though my birth experience was not what I planned on or expected this time around, she was such an important part of it all and I am happy that we chose her as our doula. Knowing what I know now, my only regret is that I hadn’t found her for the birth of my first child." -- Sarah

Long Induction without Epidural - January 2013, Queens, NYC

Excerpt from Tweet's birth story:
"From Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon, Narchi was by my side walking with me, putting pressure on my back at every contraction, while showing me how to breath and cope with the pain. There was one point where it hurt so much and I had asked Narchi "is it too late to get an epidural?" and she responded with "it doesn't count when you asked for it during a contraction" :)
When we returned to the room, I was 7cm dilated. I was so excited but the pain was so strong I couldn't take it anymore. Then Narchi started to use the phrase that we discussed before, whenever I wanted to give up, she just needed to tell me I'm almost there. This would be over soon. I can do it. She also took out her rice hot pack and essential oils to help me relax. Everything she did was effective. I couldn't have survived without her rice hot pack, her massaging my back and her encouragement and advice. Around 3:36pm, I delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl 7.14 lbs without any medication except cervidil. Nothing went according to plan but I achieved my ultimate goal of having a natural birth :) Thanks to Narchi. I would not have been able to do it without her. I'd definitely recommend Narchi to everyone who wants to have a natural birth." -- Tweet

Husband's comments:
"At first I was skeptical, thinking that having a doula would be a waste of money and that most things could be taken care of by either the nurses or the doctors. However, I eventually relented and agreed on the doula’s assistance since this would be our first child and that it would give my wife the peace of mind she would need to endure the tribulations of labor. Sooner then I realized, I started to become aware that the nurses as well as the doctors had very little time for us since there were many other couples giving birth that day. We would ask them for advice or help and it would take the nurses a long time to respond to us.
From the very first moment our doula Narchi arrived, she was a wealth of knowledge and support. She was able to direct all of our fears away from us by answering all of our questions and calming our nerves. She showed my wife positions to alleviate the discomfort from the endless contractions as well as me (husband) massage techniques. The doula and I would then alternate the massages. However, eventually I would get tired and collapse on the couch for a nap, but Narchi would not quit. She stayed up with my wife walking with her, massaging her, giving her encouragement to not quit and succumb to a drugged up delivery.
I know without a doubt now that the whole delivery process would have been hundreds of times more difficult were it not for Narchi’s help. Her guidance was instrumental in helping my wife and I go through the entire labor as stress free as it could have been. She was a beacon of energy, and we could not have been able to have a natural drugless birth without her. Thank you Narchi for all you have done for us." -- Tony

October 2012, Manhattan, NYC

"My experience with Narchi was wonderful. She is a caring, sympathetic, and supportive person. She was by my side from early labor through the birth of my child. In fact, I was so comfortable with her, I sent the father home to sleep while I labored through the night! Ever respectful of the doctors and staff, she explained to me the various procedures and read to me moment by moment important events from the monitors. She kept me well informed. At one point, the doctor said the baby was not in a good position for delivery. Without missing a beat, Narchi produced a manual on labor positions and guided me along with the nurse into a better position in order for the baby to turn. Within an hour, the baby did turn! It is quite possible that Narchi helped me avoid a c-section. She was always willing to answer any questions I had and her gentle, reassuring presence felt like a blessing. She is 100% dedicated to her work as a doula and I give her the highest recommendation." -- Jen

September 2012, Manhattan, NYC

"As our due date approached, my fiancé and I were considering the necessity of a doula for our birth experience. We had our fears of finding someone who would fit our personalities, needs, and most importantly our birth plan. Upon meeting Narchi, we instantly felt comfortable. Her warmth and passion for helping people during this time was evident and I felt even more ready to give birth to our son knowing that she would be there to help us. During labor, she was present every step of the way. My fiancé was able to have the role he wanted in coaching me through contractions while also being supported by her through the emotions and physically draining day. While we had previously discussed our birth plan and strategies for helping me work through labor pain and delivery, during the actual process I felt like Narchi was more engaged with me than I could have ever planned or asked for. She helped me to change positions, gave counter-pressure (even in places that I didn’t think I needed it- and it was AMAZING), helped me into the shower, used cold cloths to wipe my face, and held my hand through every stage. I cannot express enough how much I love Narchi as a person and as my doula. Following the birth experience, my fiancé and I look back on what happened, both good and bad and ultimately cannot imagine that time without her.  We HIGHLY recommend her and would be more than happy to further discuss our experience if anyone would like to learn more about Narchi and having a doula. Thank you Narchi for your love, advice, support, and patience!" -- Jessica

VBAC Birth - January 2014, Manhattan. NYC

"Partnering with Narci was an essential part of my preparation for my VBAC for several reasons. First, her personal experience with VBACs served as a constant reminder that it is possible to give birth vaginally after a c-section. Knowing that she did it gave me strength and confidence. Second, her clinical knowledge was invaluable to my husband and me. It helped us better understand the clinical significance of prenatal tests, which enabled us to make educated decisions regarding my prenatal care.  Not only did Narci answer our questions in great detail, she also encouraged us to do our research and educate ourselves, which empowered us. Last but not least, she gave my husband and I tremendous emotional and physical support throughout labor.  She knew when to just remain silent next to me, and when to make suggestions on how to cope with the labor pain. I wholeheartedly recommend Narci as a doula." -- Caroline

Roosevelt Hospital - November 2014, Manhattan, NYC

My wife and I are so incredibly happy that Narchi was part of our birth experience.  Not only is Narchi an experienced, well-rounded, and knowledgeable doula, she is also an extremely warm person, which is evident from the minute that you first meet her.  This was our first child, and it was a fairly long labor.  Narchi was there with us every step of the way, in a calming and supportive manner.  We don't know what we would have done without her, and the entire time, we kept thinking to ourselves how happy we were to have chosen Narchi as our doula.  She offers just the right balance between providing guidance, and being supportive of the mother's wishes and decisions.  Also, as mentioned before, Narchi is incredibly knowledgeable about every aspect of childbirth.  Her level of expertise with Hynobabies also was particularly helpful for us.  We wholeheartedly recommend Narchi as a doula for any woman about to give birth. -- Karen and Paul

Narchi met us at home during my early labor and helped me set a solid foundation of natural coping techniques and methods. Narchi also helped my husband feel more confident in his role, including knowing when we should go to the Brooklyn Birthing Center, the center where we planned to have our natural birth.  For the first 35 hours, Narchi helped me use movement, meditation, heat packs, and massage to manage my labor. At a certain point, her husband even had to drive her baby over to the center, so that Narchi could nurse him. She also stayed up all night with me, giving me strong back massages to deal with my intense back labor. After the long night, I was extremely tired from a lack of food, water, and sleep. I was also still far from being fully dilated, and began to wonder if I would ever make it through. Had it not been for Narchi, I would have felt very alone. She gave 150% of herself such that I could have the strength and courage to keep moving through my labor. She reminded me of the many women who had also labored, like I was doing, and helped me feel good about what I was achieving and of myself. When I had to be transferred to the hospital due to the presence of meconium, Narchi was again extremely helpful, as we monitored potential fetal distress and where doctors contemplated an emergency C-section. In the end, Narchi helped usher our beautiful baby into the world through natural childbirth. Importantly, she helped us celebrate the beauty and joy of the entire voyage, with all of its unexpected twists and turns. Overall, we could not have found a doula that was better suited for our needs and birthing philosophy. Narchi’s wisdom, kindness, giving nature, birthing skills and professional knowledge make her amazing birth partner- she is fully and deeply engaged with the mission of her profession and we would highly recommend her services to anyone." -- Khushbu Srivastava and Jeff Pollastro

Narchi's First Birth as a Doula - May 2012, Brooklyn, NYC

"My husband and I will always thank Narchi for helping bring our beautiful daughter safely and peacefully into this world, and for guiding us through one of the most transformative experiences of our lives. As a first time mother, I had read over fifteen books about childbirth and my husband and I took two childbirth classes. I had met five different doulas, but felt hesitant to bring strangers into our private and sacred birthing experience. However, I instantly connected with Narchi and knew that she was the perfect doula for us. Narchi has an amazingly calm and kind energy and is able to deeply hold one’s values, intentions, fears, and aspirations for birth. I ended up having a demanding 46-hour labor and no amount of reading or classes could have provided us with the support that Narchi offered. During our pre-labor consultations, Narchi provided helpful resources, including natural comfort techniques, exercises, as well as information on nutrition and general pre-labor health. She was able to take theoretical concepts and apply it to examples from her personal and professional experiences. I called Narchi several times in the weeks before my labor and having her as part of the pre-birth process made me feel more secure and confident.

Beautiful Natural Birth - July 2016, MANHATTAN, NYC

"We cannot recommend Narchi highly enough; she provided incredible support from the moment we hired her, sharing invaluable resources on pregnancy, labor, and postpartum topics via email and in person. During our prenatal sessions, Narchi was extremely receptive to our questions and vision for our son's birth, and put both my wife and I at ease with with her calm, confident energy and tremendous knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and baby care. Together, we prepared for labor in a manner that allowed us to feel comfortable and safe. With Narchi's help, I had a fast, entirely natural delivery, meeting all of my goals for the birth, and have been able to recover and take on the responsibilities of having a newborn with relative ease. Narchi was also an amazing support for my wife, enabling her to comfort me and offer exactly what I needed so that the process remained intimate and fulfilling for all of us. After the birth, Narchi stayed for hours to help us with breastfeeding, and didn't leave our sides until we were ready. She then visited the day after we returned home from the hospital to make sure breastfeeding and baby care were going smoothly, responding immediately to our need for additional support and enabling us to adjust to life with a baby right away. She has continued to check in and offer terrific advice via text, which has been extraordinarily comforting. Hiring Narchi was absolutely the best decision we made for our family prenatally, and we are honored to have been able to work with her." -- Ariel

Doula Narchi NYC

NYC Birth Doula & Childbirth Educator
Caring Support for Your Birth

Long Unmedicated Birth - February 2016, MANHATTAN, NYC

"I cannot speak highly enough of Narchi!  Her presence during our daughter’s birth was such a blessing, and she will always hold a very special place in my heart because of it. I knew I wanted a natural childbirth, but also felt most comfortable giving birth in a hospital.  My husband and I were looking for someone to help guide and support us through the process, but were nervous about finding someone who would be judgmental or anti-modern medicine.  Narchi was an incredible find-she is committed to helping you make your birth experience what you would like it to be.  She is knowledgeable, supportive, and an incredibly calming presence.  She pushed herself so hard to be there for me (I had an extremely long labor and she had just finished another birth when I contacted her) and helped my husband understand how best to support me during labor.  Her suggestions were always helpful and she was never pushy or overbearing.  I know I would not have been able to have my daughter naturally if it had not been for Narchi.  Her presence and guidance allowed my husband and I to remain calm throughout the birthing experience and actually enjoy it. When I look back on that day, I can’t help but smile at the beautiful, happy memories I have of the birth of my first daughter.  I am hoping she’ll agree to a trip to Los Angeles in a couple of years to help with our next child =)" -- Sara