There is currently a strong disconnect between the evidence shown by research to ensure a healthy birth with minimal interventions and what is being practiced in the majority of medical settings in our country. I believe there is a time and a  place for interventions in birth and we are incredibly fortunate to have these options, especially for challenging births. At the same time, it is important to minimize unnecessary interventions that could disrupt the normal process of childbirth. This is why it is so crucial for pregnant women to educate themselves and take charge of their birth process. My goal in teaching childbirth education is to provide the knowledge that will empower women to make truly informed decisions for their births.

In my childbirth education class, I teach evidence-based information and I cover materials from well-established childbirth methods, such as Lamaze and Bradley. I also discuss important issues such as optimal fetal positioning, possible labor scenarios, what to expect in various hospital settings, how to prevent unnecessary interventions, and how to best prepare for a VBAC.

At this moment I offer private childbirth education classes, in the comfort of your home. This allows me to tailor my class according to your specific needs, in both content and length, and customize a birth plan that works best for you.

Childbirth preparation class topics

  • Emotions and expectations around birth
  • Preparation for birth (Optimal Fetal Positioning)
  • Signs of impending labor / beginning of labor
  • Overview of the birth process and the hormones involved
  • Stages and phases of labor
  • What is measured during a cervical exam?
  • Labor positions and comfort techniques
  • Medications available during labor and birth
  • Common interventions in childbirth
  • Preventing an unnecessary cesarean/true indications for a cesarean
  • Communication skills in the hospital

My childbirth education classes are 4 hours for a fee of $400.

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Childbirth education CLASSES in nyc

Traditionally women have given birth surrounded by other women, usually relatives and friends from the close community, women experienced in childbirth, who could reassure and encourage the pregnant woman through this amazing and intense process of becoming a mother. In our western society this traditional model got broken, especially in the last century. Along with a high medicalization of the birth process, there has also been a dramatic transformation in the way women relate to their pregnancies and births. Many women lost trust in their bodies, in the birth process, and in the breastfeeding process. As women start to regain their confidence in the ability to give birth normally and start to make informed decisions about birth, there is an increased need for strong support during birth. I am proud to be  doing this wonderful work.

I believe that it is very important for the mother, partner and the doula to have a good chemistry. Therefore, I will meet you for a consultation, to see if we are a good match. If you decide that I am the right doula for you, here is what is included in my services:

  • A first prenatal meeting (about 2 hours) when we discuss in detail your birth wishes, birth-related emotions, my role at your birth, various labor scenarios, birth preferences, and questions to ask your provider.
  • A second prenatal meeting around 36 weeks of pregnancy, when we finalize your birth preferences, practice communication skills with medical providers, and cover comfort techniques.
  • I will be on call from week 37 of your pregnancy until birth. I will also be available through phone or email for support from the moment you hire me until you go into labor.
  • When you go into labor I will provide support by phone in early labor and I will come to your house as soon as you need me. Each birth is different and each laboring woman is different, so there is great flexibility about the timing when you will need me to be there with you. In a typical labor we’ll labor at your house until it's time to go to the hospital or birthing center, unless you are having a home birth.
  • I will provide physical, emotional, and informational support for you during labor and birth. Some of the tools that doulas use are suggesting positions, massage, counterpressure, hot and cold packs, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, breathing techniques, as well as giving you plenty of praise and encouragement. Most of all, the doula’s presence contributes to a relaxed atmosphere which allows the mother to let go and trust the birth process.
  • After the birth, I will stay with you about 1-2 hours, encourage skin-to-skin contact with your baby, and help you with the baby’s first latch and breastfeeding.
  • About a week or two after the birth, I will come to your house for a postpartum visit to see your baby, process the birth, receive feedback, and support you in any way you may need. My postpartum visit includes a breastfeeding evaluation and basic breastfeeding support.

I aim to stay in close touch with my clients and always be a source of support, from mother to mother.

For fees, please follow this link to my partnership website NYCBirthVillage.