Narcisa Jovic

NYC Birth Doula & Childbirth Educator


"My husband and I will always thank Narchi for helping bring our beautiful daughter safely and peacefully into this world, and for guiding us through one of the most transformative experiences of our lives."

"While we had previously discussed our birth plan and strategies for helping me work through labor pain and delivery, during the actual process I felt like Narchi was more engaged with me than I could have ever planned or asked for.

"Ever respectful of the doctors and staff, she explained to me the various procedures and read to me moment by moment important events from the monitors. She kept me well informed.

"From the very first moment our doula Narchi arrived, she was a wealth of knowledge and support. She was able to direct all of our fears away from us by answering all of our questions and calming our nerves. She showed my wife positions to alleviate the discomfort from the endless contractions as well as me (husband) massage techniques."

"I had a long and hard labor but with Narchi’s calm presence and amazing support, I gave birth meds free and felt strong and confident."

"Not only did Narci answer our questions in great detail, she also encouraged us to do our research and educate ourselves, which empowered us. Last but not least, she gave my husband and I tremendous emotional and physical support throughout labor.  She knew when to just remain silent next to me, and when to make suggestions on how to cope with the labor pain."

"She offers just the right balance between providing guidance, and being supportive of the mother's wishes and decisions.  Also, as mentioned before, Narchi is incredibly knowledgeable about every aspect of childbirth.  Her level of expertise with Hynobabies also was particularly helpful for us. "

""I cannot speak highly enough of Narchi!  Her presence during our daughter’s birth was such a blessing, and she will always hold a very special place in my heart because of it."

"During our prenatal sessions, Narchi was extremely receptive to our questions and vision for our son's birth, and put both my wife and I at ease with with her calm, confident energy and tremendous knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and baby care."

Doula Narchi NYC

NYC Birth Doula & Childbirth Educator
Caring Support for Your Birth

Birth is one of the most transformative events of our lives. As an experienced birth doula and childbirth educator, Narchi prepares couples in NYC for the powerful experience of birth, from prenatal education through labor support and postpartum breastfeeding and parenting counseling. Narchi is passionate about supporting women who are trying to prevent unnecessary interventions in birth, and about guiding women who have had a cesarean birth and are preparing for a VBAC. Her goal is to help mothers find the knowledge and inner strength that will guide them through the birth experience. Narchi wants you to feel comfortable making your own decisions and work towards the birth experience that is right for you.

What clients say about Narchi's Birth doula services

Being a birth doula in NYC is an amazing experience. Sharing this experience with a doula partner brings it to the next level. In 2015 Narchi joined forces with her friend and amazing doula Karla Pippa. Together they formed NYC Birth Village, a joint venture through which they combine their experience and skills to provide a holistic service to their clients. Visit to find out more!